Experienced with cloud computing and hosting environments such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, IT maintenance and hardware overhead can be significantly reduced.

Cloud Computing

Ensure that your systems throughout your organization are secure by using ITIL best practices, penetration testing, and end-point security solutions. We can work with you for a custom tailored solution.


In 2018, it was estimated that around 58% of all web traffic was performed using a mobile device. If your company is stuck with an online presence that doesn't include mobile optimization, we can help.


Fara Technologies offers services that will take your existing IT infrastructure and secure it through industry best practices. (Please note: This website is currently under construction)

Secure IT Solutions

for a more secure


1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

If the IT solution you are currently using does not seem right for you, we can help. With over 15 years experience in the industry, Fara Technologies offers a wide variety of ways to improve and increase your online web presence. With managed IT solutions, we can improve your existing infrastructure substantially, and possibly save your business from wasting time.


Cloud Computing


IT partner with a shared vision.

Mobility - Expand your company's online presence by using the latest technologies to make your website compatible with the mobile web. Solutions can be provided that can help you accommodate this task and also increase productivity throughout your organization by managing specific mobile devices.


Cloud Computing - Migrating to a cloud computing environment hosted by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or other top vendors can reduce cost basis and maintenance related tasks significantly. Whether the organization is a SMB with a single server, or has branch offices with multiple locations, integrating cloud platform services can guarantee a certain level of uptime and boost productivity.


Security - The security of your computer systems, servers, network infrastructure, and company files is paramount to the success or failure of an organization, whether it has a large online presence or not. It is common to find outdated systems, routers, and other peripherals in businesses of all sizes that, under certain conditions, could pose a serious threat to your information. Why would a thie

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